Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Note to Self.

Hey Me,

Here are a few things you might want to consider before walking out of the house dramatically to stew just because someone made some remarks at your expense in a desperate attempt to be funny (I should have known she did not mean any ill/evil/hurt/pain/harm**snort**).

1. Have a plan. Not just some random idea. A real plan, well thought out with a destination, an activity, participants, a purpose...anything and also some cash or even an ATM card for the very-highly-possible likely desire to splurge (retail therapy) just because you feel bad. You know... Just. In. Case.

2. Have some friends you can call and go by their house to gossip or 'whateverrr' to escape that ever-threatening presence of self-pity lurking, waiting for the slightest opportunity to surface and make you feel like the whole world has conspired against you.

In lieu of 2;

3. When you decide you have plan and that plan has to be some grooming activity, make sure it is not one you would regret like deciding on a whim to polish your toenails by 7pm (too many factors to consider). If you decide that nail polishing by 7pm it is, then at least go to a self-respecting stylist in a proper salon, in a building  with lights, chairs, assistants, the works... Not the roadside lady whose only assistant is her 7-year old (I-too-know, ITK for short, over-sabi daughter, the kind that just talks too much and does not know when to shut it around adults, yes those very type that irritate you...yea you know them!) and only source of illumination is her cell phone in her mouth.

4. Remember not to be a pain in the 'bah-hind'. Like sitting around the roadside nails' lady-because you don't want to go home just yet and don't have anywhere else to go and also want everyone at home to get their panties in a twist over your whereabouts-inconveniencing her who clearly is eager to get home (she's done with you and it's past 8pm for heaven's sake) is being downright plaguey.

P.S. Self, beware of men old enough to be your father in danfo buses  who hit on young girls and use the word adamant to describe your silent treatment of them.

                                                                                                                                        Yours truly,

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