Saturday, August 1, 2015


Hey guys,

It’s only been a minute! That’s bloggerspeak for the five years I’ve been MIA. But I lie. This is wayyyyy more than a minute. I know, I know, I ought to be ashamed of myself.

I should hang my head in shame.

I should bury my head in the sand.

I should whip myself from now till next Friday.

I should rend my garments and sit in ashes.

I should change planets! 

A lot has happened to me since I last logged in here. Enough to moan about trust me.  I have lost people close to me. Losses I never imagined I would ever experience in my lifetime. Especially because I thought these people would live forever. Funny thought yes, weird maybe, but it’s true. Nothing ever prepares you to lose someone.  People say time heals all wounds, it doesn’t. The pain remains there. It becomes a dull ache in the chest that makes even breathing difficult. The vacuum is never filled.  I am not able to moan about it here now, maybe in a later post.

In the last five years though…

I have changed jobs twice… Surprise, surprise.

Moved into a flat with my siblings… Now I’m forced to adult.

I have ‘bagged’ a second degree… In real life I never use the term bagged in this context.

Changed churches thrice… More like locations. Not quite hit the church prostitute status but I bet some of y’all think I’m close.

Joined a ministry in church and then left the church… I taught the kids and realised just how hard it is especially because kids never really ‘take’ to me.

Gone natural with my hair… I promise you, I started this out of curiosity. Only to discover it is a fad now, they have meet-ups (you don’t call them meetings now) and pop-ups and nazis. 
Seen blogging become a big time money maker and wondered why I had to lose my own mojo… I mean.

Decided to try the fit life… I’m dying to have a six-pack.

Joined Instagram… One would imagine that my ‘success’ or lack thereof with Facebook and Twitter and all the others I have joined would make me stay in my lane.

Been in two and a half relationships… Yes that happened to this single girl.

My life has pretty much been beige paint but if you are still interested in reading about it then leggo!

Here’s to wishing this IGG (initial gra gra) does not just end here… *clink glasses*