Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You geddit...?

There are so many things I wanna blog about but I have just (not quite just **rolling eyes**) realized that it is not easy sharing the most intimate workings/details of my mind/, downs, whirls, swirls, spins, purls, turns, twists, (OK...STOP!!!...enough already) of my life with someone else albeit friends. You geddit?

**Deep breath** I feel terrible this morning, I just wanna curl up and have me a good cry (meanwhile did I mention I love to cry?) but that's not gonna happen soon. Maybe past 6pm if the urge is still there I'd indulge. EVERYTHING is hitting on me like a ton of bricks at the moment. Maybe it's because I was told yesterday by my male cousins over a game of X-box soccer in their "relationship expert mode" (which by the way is the very annoying we-know-everything-about-girls-and-wonder-why-you-don't-come-talk-to-us-about-guys-cause-we-are-guys-and-we-know-how-we-do 'tude but lemme add subtly that none of them have any girlfriends) that I lost something good in some past guy (no names :p). Maybe it's because of the deplorable state of my finances...which I can't help but keep running into expenses (with the frequency of one with a really bad case of incontinence). Maybe it's because I'm about to end this shittiness (why on earth should that depress me??? I'm supposed to be rock concert-flashing boobs-drinking alchy crazy happy). Or maybe it's because I feel lost :(.
Oh well...there are too many maybes I can't share, reason?...please refer to paragraph one.

But I need to remind myself here, now, on this page, in this blog entry dated...see above, that He has said His Word will be a lamp to my  feet and a light to my path. So now I know I don't need a 300watt bulb or a head lamp or FBI, CIA, KGB, MI6 tactical team-type night vision goggles to see where I'm going. I just need a hurricane lamp hand-held close to my feet to light the trail on which I'm treading and trust Him completely to guide me through the darkness that lies beyond my vision ;).

You geddit?

P.S Been trying to add my signature to this entry like I did my prior entries but it's showing me all sorta error messages like I got the first two by a stroke of luck which I really need like NOW.


  1. Well I hope you recover soon! Trust me your cousins may be right albeit they are chic-less at the moment! This girl knowledge thing comes with age (**hard chuckle**!!!!)..........just kidding!! Nice article, you really getting better at this, making 'em a bit longer would be nice tho!!
    Cheerio!!!!! tracersofT

  2. Ryan?? waht a gimmick. get a life poser.

    Nice read by the way jae, always remembr u gats my shouldr to cry on anyday, anytime. I remember wat a friend used to say "No mam is worth ur tears but wen see 1 dats d worth, he wont make u cry" .

    ryan... u just make my day , poser lol!


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