Monday, August 2, 2010


** Singing** (doing my best Fantasia Barrino impression)

                                       He loves me
                                He loves me me me me
                                     He really loves me... (till fade)

I'm a terrible song writer (zilch creativity).

The message I hope, is clear. God really loves me. Here I am, first day of the month, beginning of August, my birth month (WOW-I should be planning my 25th birthday gig...oops no job).
So here I am, about to turn 25 in a few days, musing about everything (even those I choose not to mention): no job, where do I go from here, is my life going to change, is it going to be a downward spiral or upward shoot, how is it going to change, am I still going to be able to make long distance calls-yes I make them sometimes even if you wonder to who, what habits am I going to drop, which new ones am I going to pick up, do I have to change my soap, no more island-mainland shuttle which brings me to ask how am I going to cope without my trusty Red Oak plantain chips; onion and ginger flavour (they have drastically reduced the size-its annoying!!!), can I afford my friend's asoebi, will I continue the not-so-regular-at-all sending of airtime to my only brother aka Lil' bro aka my one and only love, aka 'izzle, how long am I going to piggy-back off Sparkle (aka only sister aka benevolent benefactor aka big sis), can I afford to go whenever; karaoke-ing, wine tasting, checking out new spots, am I going to get/need new friends, will my old friends remain...

Through all of these musings I can see God's promise of love trying to push its way to the fore (why don't I just give this complaining a break?)
I am thankful for a lot of things: I am alive. I am healthy. My family is fine. I can eat. I can walk. I can sing (whoever eat your heart out). I spoke to my mum yesterday and will speak to her again today. I will call my Dad. 'izzle called me this morning. Sparkle will help me if I ask, I have Foxy aka BFF since uni, I have few wonderful friends I'm sure I can always call (or time and meet up on yahoo messenger-it is cheaper, I have to consider cheaper alternatives now) to unload and they would listen, I have family members to tease me and crack me up, I have cousins to show me up/embarrass me on facebook or when I have visitors around. I have youtube funny videos to laugh at. I can even laugh. I understand humour. I possess the mental ability to process info that causes me to either cry or laugh or nag or complain or moan or pray or vomit or spit (I do this only when I'm brushing or something flies into my mouth) or like or dislike or love. I am also going to turn the big 2-5. I will not change my soap...
OMG I just realised the list of things I should be thankful of/for is endless.

I just hope my sincere heartfelt 'father thank you' would suffice.

And yes if you are wondering why Fantasia? I think with her kind of voice she'd make a terrific gospel singer and 'phbbbt' I can't even do a Fantasia Barrino impression. She is like totally AWESOME!

P.S Please how do I make Collectibles stop sending me text messages?

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