Friday, August 13, 2010

Take a back seat Blue.

A couple of friends observed that my last two posts are-in their own words-trifle sad and sobering and another was wondering if it was all made up. Let me state here that this blog is about the happenings-about of my life and the stories are not made up. And also remind someone that life is not a bed of roses (in case you haven't noticed). Even if it were, roses have thorns (deal with it). That said, this brings me to the all-important I really want to have nothing to moan about? I'm not sure I know the answer to that. But then again I do not want to give everyone the impression that I'm some type of 21st century, modern day, New Age Job and I jump from one bad situation into a worse one and then another and another, another, another, another...
So I thought I should ease up on the blue-ness and not blog for a while.

As I was waiting for a blog-worthy, fun activity (no...spending the whole day preparing moin-moin with coconuts is not a blog-worthy, fun activity)-to overtake me and thrust me into a land of sweet smelling flowers (non-allergic) with no thorns-to blog about I remembered that I attended a friend's baby's one year birthday party on the first of August and met a couple of er...interesting characters.

At first sight, I thought I had stepped into a BlackBerry convention; the guys leaning forward with their elbows on their knees and the girls sitting back in their chairs bent to one side, all staring intently, with enough concentration to burn a hole in the little black objects in their hands. It was a big relief to see the cute curly-haired celebrant and his pa. At least I was re-assured I wasn't at the wrong place (one of my biggest fears-getting dressed for a party and turning up at the wrong addy like a funeral and the people there are questioning me in doctor-to-psychiatric patient type manner 'may I help you miss?'). Then I was a little confused about whether to play guest or play host (this confusion stemmed from the relationship I have with the celebrant's father...he is a close friend). Anyways I decided to do a little bit of both and play 'ghost'.

Meet the characters:

The hyperactive and talkative cute small guy with cute nerd glasses (we know you cut out the attention seeking-interjecting and interrupting serious conversation) who took it upon himself to book an interview for me with his friend who runs an IT firm over the din at the party. Now that was really cute and sweet of him. He also gave me a ride cute (how many times have I used cute here).

The tall, grouchy, Jay-Z fan (declaring it proudly like they were giving away prizes for the title) who refused to step out of 'BB convention' mode (seriously dude, you should have stayed at home). He said he has never heard anything about Jay-Z  and the Illuminati **wide eyed look**. Is that ignorance or just plain living in denial?

The really big guy who didn't move an inch until it was time to go. He just sat there with his friend's BB and and asked for my number. Initially, I told him straight up the same thing I tell other guys...NO. I don't give random guys my number because when they call and I don't return the call they start feeling cheated. Whose idea was it again to get the number? Did the thought ever cross their minds that...hey maybe she ain't calling me because she don't wanna talk to me or She is not interested in calling me.
I digress to make my point on why I don't give random fellas my number. If you have thoughts about this, drop them in the comments' box or save it...whichever. Funny thing, really big guy has sms-ed me once (when I got home after the party) and called once (some days after the party).

The most 'unusual' guy of the evening was the guy in the funny hat. He decided that he couldn't wait till he got to church for his confessional and decided to unload his crap on me. He started by telling me about how he scrapped to make ends meet when he lost his job...wait a minute, is he like serious? Because I told him I just resigned is that why he is telling me this story? Is he trying to relate his-then situation to my-now situation? Helloooo...I'm not scrapping just yet. You were fired, I resigned (I'm sure there was a hint of preparedness in my action). I was unsure about grouping him in the drunk category or getting there category until he leaned towards me in a conspiratory manner and whispered in my ear "Jesus loves me". Smack there, he fell into the drunk category. That was when I stopped listening. It didn't stop him. He continued talking...he said there are ONLY two sins he commits. The first sin...I can't remember because as I said earlier I had stopped listening. The second sin I couldn't help but hear...the sin of fornication (what the [beep]...NOW I'M A PRIEST?!). Just as I was thinking of the tricks to employ to get away from the increasingly uncomfortable monologue, his phone rang (ha...they smiled on me this once).

Don't we all love parties?


  1. Hehe! That's a relief from all the sadness of ur last blog!

    We haven't finished our argument, mind!

    Wait a minute, I thought u didnt give "big guy with friend's blackberry" (sounds like a red indian name, LOL!) your is it then he was able to text and call u?

  2. @Ryan, I guess she meant "text" - messaged her on Facebook...and "call" - when he shouted her name at the


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